ЕСТЬ ВОПРОСЫ ? ОСТАВИТЬ ОТЗЫВ Очки Сидоренко Амво для коррекции, восстановления зрения!


Buy a massager for the eyes - help vision with increased stress

Vision problems have recently become more apparent not only in adults, but also in children. Having bought a massager for the eyes in the online store of the company Laser-Medical Center LLC, you get an apparatus that has no analogues and has proven itself in ophthalmology. Sidorenko glasses are distinguished by their safety, even in young children. The use of devices of the Amvo series has shown its effectiveness in the following symptoms and diseases:

● visual fatigue;

● spasms of accommodation;

● progressive myopia;

● retinopathy of premature babies;

● amblyopia;

● strabismus;

● glaucoma;

● astigmatism;

● initial cataract;

● computer visual syndrome and others.

Benefits of buying on our website

To buy a massager for the eyes, it is enough to determine the model and place an order through the basket or by calling us on the phone. The price of devices is fully consistent with the characteristics and features of the model. Our company develops and manufactures products, so you can safely contact the managers on the site for detailed advice. For your convenience, payment and delivery are made in various ways, without limiting your choice.

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    One of the important advantages and uniqueness of this device is its high efficiency. You can use AMBO glasses at home, at work, in the country. Only 5-10 minutes a day, a break of 20 days. Through vacuum massage and light pulse massage, the eyes begin to work, namely the muscles that are responsible for hyperopia, myopia. When you often, constantly sit at the computer — only the muscles responsible for focusing your eyesight work — and the muscles that are responsible for the distance have a rest and do not work for long periods! Bottom line: The degradation of muscle groups, and as a result myopia - as your eyes are weak and can not overpower the focus of the eye on the distance ..