ЕСТЬ ВОПРОСЫ ? ОСТАВИТЬ ОТЗЫВ The child's vision drops. What to do?

Myopia About myopia, we seem to know everything. But do you know why over the past 10 years the number of people with low vision has grown significantly? According to the Federal State Statistics Service, about 1.5 million children under 14 years of age are first diagnosed with vision problems. 30% of children in Russia today graduate from school with myopia. The main factors affecting the reduction of visual acuity: heredity, uncontrolled enthusiasm for gadgets, early education of children - prolonged drawing or reading at close range, poor lighting, improper day routine, short duration of stay in the fresh air, large visual loads while studying.

I have a daughter in 3rd grade. I am very worried about the fact that the child’s vision began to decline. The doctor says that modern children spend a lot of time at various gadgets and a computer, and therefore, the eyesight of children is primarily affected. I asked the doctor about gymnastics for the eyes, but he replied that gymnastics, of course, would not hurt, but that normal vision would not return (((Is it really just to sit back?

Vision drops: possible causes and symptoms of diseases. What to do if the child’s vision drops: is it necessary to wear glasses ???

To prevent myopia, parents need to strictly limit the time spent at the computer and gadgets. Be sure to teach your child to keep his head and back straight, to encourage sports. A huge role is played by nutrition, obtaining a sufficient amount of vitamins, especially during intensive growth. Indeed, adolescence accounts for the second period of the outbreak of the disease.

When planning a work area for a student, several rules must be considered.

1. The optimal height of the desktop is equal to the height of the child, divided in half and minus 5 centimeters.

2. The distance from the eyes to the notebook should be equal to the length of the hand from the elbow to the tip of the fingers.

3. The desk or table should be placed near the window, it is better to place additional lighting on the left for the right-hander and vice versa.

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Many parents after learning that a child has poor eyesight run to an ophthalmologist.

Do not immediately put the child in glasses - this is a big mistake in many cases !!!

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1) A soft vacuum is used up to 10 minutes a day. At the time of massage, it improves accommodation, outflows .. Following the example of a classic massage!

2) The light pulse causes all eye muscles to contract and relax at the time of the outbreaks (that is, the effect of training the eye muscles)

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