Photodynamic therapy device APS Harmony for the treatment of fungus!

660Hm  400 Hm

Fungus treatment with the AFS Harmony Apparatus is an effective and efficient way! Just a few sessions with a photodynamic therapy device give a positive result.

The impact on the affected nail is carried out with a special emitter of light waves of different length and power after applying a photosensitizer (gel).

A special substance marks the cell membrane of the fungus, which makes it especially sensitive to light. Irradiation with the APS apparatus Harmony provokes the destruction of the pathological cells highlighted by the marker and quickly causes their death.

Depending on the number of sessions, both superficial and deep antibiotic therapy can be performed. Since the device does not affect regional tissues and has no side effects, if necessary, the procedure can be repeated many times.


Contents of delivery:


1. Apparatus control unit


2. Emitters 2 pcs


3. Aluminum case


4. Tripod for the emitter


5. Passport instruction