Иммуностимулятор "Спектр" Афс  14.03.2020

Для надвенного облучения крови в домашних условиях. подробнее

 Аппарат Гармония с 2 мя излучателями  11.03.2020

Применяется во многих областях медицины. подробнее

 Ваакумный массажер для зрения очки "Амво-01"

Падает зрение за компьютером, что делать? подробнее

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Spektr is indispensable in the prevention and treatment of seasonal viral infections, such as SARS, flu, etc. It is necessary for the treatment of prolonged pain, for the prevention and treatment of exacerbations of chronic inflammatory and allergic diseases. It is effective in healing injuries, relieving back and joint pain, and works well during periods of mental and physical stress. The device increases the effectiveness of the main therapy and significantly speeds up the recovery process. Spektr uses advanced technology of led blood irradiation, which has a scientifically proven therapeutic effect on the human body, similar to the complex and expensive laser therapy procedure. At the same time, the device is small, compact, takes up little space at home and in the bag when traveling, and is extremely easy to use. MORE DETAILED

Gynecology +. Device for the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases!

device AFS "Harmony" with a radiation spectrum of 662 and 400 NM.

Effective application in gynecology in; Warts, papilloma of the vagina - the Ability to use with multiple lesions - the cervix ectopia of the cervix not amenable to treatment by other methods cysts of the cervix - Endometriosis of the cervix - cervical Dysplasia is a Common papilloma infection (multiple condylomata, papillomatosis) - Endometriosis, Precancerous conditions and carcinoma in-situ of the cervix


Dentistry +. dental Device for treatment and prevention. 1. Prevention of periodontal diseases; 2. Catarrhal gingivitis; 3. Chronic generalized periodontitis of mild and moderate severity; 4. diseases of the oral mucosa; 4. Postoperative rehabilitation; 5. treatment of discoloritis (discoloration) of teeth (photo-whitening).

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Фотодинамическая терапия лечение десен!

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