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"Rainbow of insight" (Pankov glasses) is a compact device designed for quantum vision restoration, iridoreflexotherapy, as well as timely prevention of diseases of the eyes and internal organs. This device is a unique development of Professor O. p. Pankov, which has proven its high efficiency and is successfully used today by ophthalmological clinics, General hospitals and outpatient clinics. The device is easy to use, so it has gained wide popularity among the population as an excellent opportunity for rapid rehabilitation and prevention of diseases of the visual organ.


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The device "rainbow of insight" is designed for people with various eye diseases. It is especially effective as part of complex therapy for age-related changes, such as cataracts, glaucoma and retinal angiopathy (including those that occur against the background of arterial hypertension or diabetes) and many other diseases.


 The device can be used starting from the age of three and in children whose fragile eyes are very vulnerable due to age characteristics and visual loads. It is indicated for such eye diseases as myopia (including progressive), farsightedness, spasm of accommodation, amblyopia, strabismus.


 In addition, the device is recommended for people whose professional activities involve high loads on vision, for example, for office workers, researchers, teachers, drivers of vehicles, programmers, pilots, writers, etc.


 Technical parameters

 The "rainbow of insight" device is a complex device, with led emitters mounted in their frames, which are controlled by built-in microprocessor controllers placed directly in the emitters.


 The led emitters themselves are directly connected to the power supply units. At the same time:

the radiation wavelength is 450, 530, 650 Nm.


 Number of emitters – 2 PCs.


 The mode of applied radiation is impulsive-periodic.


 Power supply – 4 AG-13 button batteries.

the power consumption of the device is up to 0.1 W.


 Weight-200 gr.


 Set the device:


 1. led ophthalmic Device "rainbow of Insight" - 1 PC.


 2. The passport – 1 PCs.


 3. Cardboard box – 1 PC.


 Principle of operation of the device

 The effect of light pulses on the eyes causes a unique healing effect, causing the pupils to reflexively expand and narrow, so that spasms pass and the strength of the accommodation muscle responsible for focusing the image on the retina increases due to changes in the curvature of the lens. The internal muscles of the eye under the influence of the same impulses begin to contract rhythmically, increasing blood circulation in the organ of vision, activating lymphatic drainage, improving microcirculation in the retina and other eye tissues. That adjusts the nutrition of tissues, activates the mechanisms of neural transmission, as well as visual perception.


 The device is able to affect the position of the iris and the diameter of the pupil, which improves the outflow of intraocular fluid, which passes through the anterior chamber, enriches it with the necessary substances. All this improves the nutrition of the tissues of the anterior segment of the eye, including the cornea, iris, and lens. That is why the device "rainbow of insight" is very effective in diseases of these visual structures.



 Indications for use

initial stage of cataract development;


 amblyopia, astigmatism;




 myopia (including progressive);






 age-related hyperopia;


 retinal dystrophy;


 optic atrophy;


 computer syndrome;


 prevention of complications in postoperative period after operations on the eye.


 Method of application

 Therapeutic sessions with the device should be performed in a lying or sitting position. Before starting, it is recommended to do a simple breathing exercise (deep breaths and exhalations).


 The device should not be used during TV viewing and just before bedtime. Sessions are also not performed in a state of irritation or increased nervousness.


 For one person, the therapeutic time is fifteen minutes.


 Sessions start with your eyes closed, which is necessary to gradually increase the intensity of radiation. The first session lasts no more than 3 minutes, the duration of each subsequent session is increased by 3 minutes.


 The maximum hardware exposure time is 15 minutes. The optimal course of treatment is 15 sessions. After a month's rest, sessions can be resumed.


 With chronic eye fatigue syndrome, the device is used for three minutes before starting work, which is the cause of fatigue, and the same amount after it.


 The best results of treatment with the device are achieved if you simultaneously start taking vitamins for the eyes (Lutein Complex, Vitrum vision, etc.), and in addition, use vitamin drops (Emoxipin, Taufon, etc.).

Intervals in the therapeutic course should not exceed three days.

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